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Testimonials from some of our clients 



Mobile No.: 09956095189


Address: 64-65, Raghuraj Nagar
Near Patel Nagar Telephone Exchange
Secter 8, Indra Nagar,  Lucknow




           Didi : A relation for me which encompasses the “five element” for me. I have found my Guru, Mother-Father, Friend and Mentor.

When I met her first time, I asked her whether I will become a Pilot, and her reply was “Yes” but after nine years from now. It is a fact that I have become pilot after nine years! For Didi, a relationship is based only one thing “TRUTH”. There have been instances, where she was with me without bothering about other relations. If she hates anything, it is “LIE”. Howsoever big a mistake you commit, if you accept it in front of her, she forgives you. And she forgives you as if you have not committed that mistake, as if nothing has happened.

I learnt fist–degree REKI from her, and I found that whoever takes a Reiki initiation form her, will see that nothing bad happens with him/her. Didi has made a large number of “impossible”, possible for my life, which means a lot to me. I did not know the purpose and meaning of life, but Didi taught me both these. She taught me to stand for truth. She always says that there are always two flows of life, one is like a dirty sewer and the other one is as pious as the river Ganga, you have to decide which flow you want to be with.

If I say that Didi is like “Lord Krishna” to me, it would be an understatement. If the almighty gives me a choice between two wishes, one being Didi’s blessings and the other being fulfillment of all worldly desires even to the level of things working on my whims; I would ask for Didi only!

Words fall short when I wish to write about Didi. If I am ever troubled or anxious, I get a solution for my problem from Didi even without telling her. Whenever I think of god’s blessing with me, I feel he descended to be with me in the form of “Didi”. She is god to me, just like “Shirdi Sai Baba” is visible in all the deities people worship.  I prey to god that I msut get Didi’s blessings even in my next birth. For me, in this “Kailyug”, if god had to reincarnate, he has taken it in the form of Didi.


Capt. Vidyanand Yadav

Mulayam Nagar, Singharia, Kuraghat,

Gorakhpur, UP


Mobile: 09956160379




            If I have to define “Didi” in one line, I would say “GOD”. I have never seen God but what I feel God does, the same thing I have seen Didi doing. I know her since 2002. I had a habit of having “blind faith” on everybody. But in her case, it turned out to be true and it kept on increasing. She has some special powers which is not seen with ordinary humans. I have at times tested her powers knowingly and at times I have felt her powers when I was in distress. I have seen her making “impossible”, possible”. This is not possible for any ordinary human being in this “kaliyug”.

            I still remember the day of 2008, when she was out of station and I visited her clinic. I was in deep trouble. I prayed that “if she has real power of god then I must come out of this trouble and I must get justice”, and from the very second day, my problem started getting resolved and I got justice too. It is difficult to explain all the feelings in word, as truth can not always be explained.

            My father’s business, which was at a very good level, had come down and almost collapsed as we could not keep pace with technology. Whenever my father tried to restart it, he used to fail. Now, because of her blessings, everything is running smooth.

            Another astonishing miracle I face because of her is that if someone tries to harm me, instead of getting harmed, I get benefit of that action and the person who tries to harm me gets harmed, and the full credit goes to Didi.

            Also, I have learnt first-degree Reiki from her, which has made me sensitive to energies and gradually I am developing clairvoyance.


Krishna Ray

12/7 Wood Gola, Sealdah Railway Sieling, Kolkata

Mob: 09005878628





          I had come to “Didi” as a patient in 2003. I had continuing fever, my liver was damaged, I had stone in kidney. My hemoglobin was terribly low, with all the medicines, it was not going up from 4.   I took healing from her and everything was cured like a miracle. Due to healing, my stone came out without pain in just three days, my hemoglobin level came back to normal level and fever went away. Everything was a miracle for me.

Also, my brother had serious loss of vision in one of his eyes. His eye was dry and no tear used to come out of it. We got him checked by eye-specialists in Gorakhpur as well as in Kolkata but to no avail. We showed him to Didi, and due to her healing, now my brother can see and his eyes have wetness and tear.

Then I requested Didi to have a look at my ancestral house which had problems of negative energies. My whole family was having problem with health and profession. My father’s business was sinking. Didi checked my house and got it rid of all the negative energies. The result has been astonishing. My father’s business has come back to normal and all the problems of my family got sorted out.

Now, I have joined Didi as an assistant and see her performing miracle every day. People come with all sort of physical, emotional and business problems and she solves their problem. For a large number of her patients, she is just like god.


Sunita Yadav

Vill.chotka maza, PO:chotka maza
Thana.mairawa, Distt.Sivan-Bihar

Mob.: 9415261631.




MessageType: Praise
Subject: treatment
Username: V S Srivastava IBPS
Date: Thursday, November 26, 2009
Time: 08:57:39 AM -0500

Comments: It as been an unexpected experience in terms of improvement in belief level & confidence. It works but lot of pains being absorbed by the doctor herself. Should we be so selfish for ourselves ?



I am Sonal Sinha, I came in contact with didi (as I call Dr. Anupama) a few years back. She not only cured my diseases but also have become a guide, mentor and what not. She serves selflessly. Her insight into energy and aura is remarkable.




मै डॉ अनुपमा दीदी को १३ साल से जानता हू,मेरे पिता जी स्वर्गीय श्रीरामकर्ण जी  सरकारी कर्मचारी थे !मै उस समय बीई का छात्र था मेरे पिता जी को चलने फिरने में दिक्कत थी और बदन में कडा पन था! एक दिन उनकी तबियत अचानक बिगड़ गयी,  वही हमारे परिवार के मुखिया थे हमसब भाई बहुत परेशान हो गये  हमने उनको दिल्ली के अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संसथान में दिखाया महीनो इलाज़ करया परन्तु कोई लाभ उनके स्वस्थ को नहीं हुआ !चिकित्सको ने दवा देकर ये कहा की यह बीमारी रुक जाये इसका इलाज वो कर रहे है परन्तु यह ख़त्म नहीं होगी! पिता जी की हालत ख़राब होती जा रही थी वो चारपाई से उठते नहीं थे!एक दिन हमारे एक शुभचिन्तक ने डॉ दीदी को दीखाने के लिए कहा शसंकित मन से हम दीदी के सेंटर  पर पिता जी को चारपाई पर ले गए,डा दीदी ने पिता जी को देखने के पश्चात बतया उनका इलाज संभव है,डॉ दीदी  पाच हफ्तों के इलाज{हीलिंग और योग }से  पिता जी को ९० प्रतिशत सही कर दिया ! वो ऑफिस भी जाने लगे हम दीदी के आभारी है की उनकी वजह से पुरे परिवार को नया जीवन मिला इस वर्ष मेरे पिता जी का स्वर्गवास हुआ अंतिम दिन तक वो पूरे  स्वस्थ थे!७५ वर्ष की अवस्था में वो पञ्च तत्व में विलीन हो गए !आज भी हम अपनी जिंदगी के महत्वपूर्ण निर्णय डॉ दीदी से पूछ कर लेते है !


धन्यवाद डॉ दीदी 


Shantnu Kumar
Green City, Rajendra Nagar,
Mobile: 9810263716



8.  मै सपना रॉय ,मै डॉ अनुपमा को सन २००३ मे मिली मेरे बच्चेदानी में गाठ था जिसकी वजह से मेरा मासिक चक्र अनियमित थे कभी दो महीने पर कभी चार महीने पर आते थे ,जिसकी वजह से पेट में भयानक दर्द रहता था ,डॉ अनुपमा से मिलने से पहले मैंने अल्ट्रा साउंड करया था ,डॉ अनुपमा ने रोजाना एक घंटे के हिसाब से इकीस दिन हीलिंग की बात कही सत्रहवे दिन मैंने फिर अल्ट्रा साउंड कराया बच्चेदानी का गाठ पूरी तरीके से गल चूका थी |मै डॉ अनुपमा की आभारी हू क्यूकि चिकित्सा विज्ञानं में इसका इलाज़ सिर्फ आपरेसन ही था,धन्यवाद डॉ उपाध्याय
सपना रॉय

9. My name is Gyanti Yadav and I live in Gorakhpur, UP. I had a fibroid in my breast and due to which I could not even lift my hand. I consulted Dr. R.C. Pandey (Ex. Head, Physiology, Gorakhpur Medical College) and he referred me to Dr. Chaturvedi. Dr. Chaturvedi asked me to go through all the pathological tests and inferred that I have breast cancer. I underwent surgery for the same and got the malignant fibroid removed. A well-wishes of mine referred me to Dr. Anupama. I visited Dr. Anupama and requested her for healing me so that there is no further growth of malignant tumor. Dr. Anupama started my healing and for last one year I have been taking healing from Dr. Anupama. I am completely healthy without any medication. I thank Dr. Anupama from the bottom of my heart for such a miracle.




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Dr. Anupama at ( is an expert consultation site)

Dr. Anupma at      ( is an expert consultation site)

Dr. Anupama at   ( is an expert consultation site)

For Aura Scan, Healing & Guidance on
Career / Business / Investment / Family Problems / Love / Relationships / Separation

Gayatri Holistic Center
72-B, Gautam Nagar
Gorakhpur - 273 009,
Uttar Pradesh, India
Phone: +91-551-220-4592
Mobile: +91-94152-61631


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