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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1
How can I get my aura scanned ?
Ans: The best way is to come personally to the center. Alternatively, you can mail me your photograph, your date of birth, motherís name, present address & permanent address.

Question 2
What if I am an overseas citizen? or lt is not possible for me to come personally ?
Ans: In that case you will have to mail me photograph with other details mentioned above.

Question 3
What do you charge for scan and healing?
Ans: Charges are on case to case basis.

Question 4
Do you perform any ritual towards release of karmic energy / spirits etc.
Ans: That depends on individual cases. In some cases, I have to perform some rituals after taking consent from the individual. It is a mutual process, where the individual may have to undergo certain restrictions, and he may also have to do some rituals as suggested by me. The charges for these rituals differ on case to case basis.

Question 5
Do I need to continue medication while you are healing or performing rituals?
Ans: You are advised for this before the healing / ritual begins. It differs on case to case basis.


For Aura Scan, Healing & Guidance on
Career / Business / Investment / Family Problems / Love / Relationships / Separation


Dr. Anupama at ( is an expert consultation site)

Dr. Anupma at      ( is an expert consultation site)

Dr. Anupama at   ( is an expert consultation site)



Anupama Holistics
Pandey Complex
In-front of DIG Bunglow
Kasaya Road, Gorakhpur - 273 001,
Uttar Pradesh, India
Phone: +91-551-220-4592
Mobile: +91-94152-61631


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